Law of Russia in English Products and services

Products and services

Garant Service company is glad to offer the unique legal reference system of the Russian legislation in English. Beginning with 1992, thousands of specialists interested in getting access to translated Russian legislation had opportunity to find the advantages of using our database, which is the most comprehensive collection of Russian documents in English together with the original texts in the Russian language.

Owing to the legal processing and high-quality translation, each user of GARANT system gets the most convenient and vivid means of investigation of the Russian legislation in English. All normative acts are provided in the most recent wording, however, any of the previous ones are available for analysis. Officially adopted amendments to the legislation are translated, corrected, and entered in the database immediately after their endorsement, with all changes available on the screen. More than 1,816,248 comments and about 3,394,882 hyperlinks indicate the controversies and interconnections between various acts.

Powerful search tools of GARANT system are designed for the tasks of any level of difficulty. The search covers the whole of the information space at once. There are no boundaries between various blocks of materials. The main advantages of the system search tools are the accuracy and simplicity. Within seconds, GARANT system will offer an exhaustive information.

We are constantly improving the choice criteria for the legislative documents to include them in the database and improve the quality of translation. If you become a user of GARANT system, you will open a reliable source of getting normative acts of the Russian Federation for you translated into English.

Datablocks of GARANT System in English

You can choose any blocks from following groups A and B.

Blocks of group A

The following blocks contain the most important documents and are fundamental for the system:

  • Fundamentals of the state legal system, Defense
  • Customs law, foreign economic activities
  • Currency regulation and currency control
  • Accounting and statistical reporting
  • Banking activities
  • Taxes and fees
  • Civil law, privatization
  • General points of economic and entrepreneurial activity
  • Regulation of particular types of activity (Industry, Fuel And Power Complex, Construction, Agriculture, Communication, Transport, Trade, Insurance, Auditing Activity)

Blocks of group В

  • Securities, security market
  • Сivil and arbitration procedure, Court and judicial system, Advocacy and notariat
  • Dwelling and non-dwelling premises, Municipal services
  • Land law, Natural resources and nature protection
  • International law, international relations
  • Science, Culture, Sports and Tourism
  • Legal order preservation and security, Criminal law and procedure, Criminal execution law, Administrative offences

The following access options are available:

  • Use on a single computer
  • Use on several computers
  • Network Access
  • Portable version on USB Flash drive
  • Online Access

List of services available to user:

  • Order a demonstration in your office
  • Look up the demo version and the interactive presentation at Garant Company site
  • Choose the necessary update frequency (once a week, once a month or rarely) and the convenient method
  • The system may be ordered on DVD and flash drive
  • Try a tutorial on the work with the system
  • Monitoring of Russian legislation is provided regularly in English over e-mail
  • Technical support - aid in technical issues of work with GARANT System information and legal support


Maxim Konstantinov, Manager of Department "Law of Russia in English" will be glad to answer your questions and help you to compile GARANT system's set.

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