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Monitoring of the Federal Legislation dated 26.09.2001

Order of the Ministry of Taxes and Revenues of the Russian Federation No. VG-3-01/340 of September 10, 2001 on the Endorsement of the Methodology Recommendations on the Procedure of Calculation and Payment of the Value Added Tax in Product Sharing Agreeme

Explains the particulars of calculation and payment of the value added tax in product sharing agreements specified in Article 178 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation. In particular, explains the procedure of presenting confirming documents exempting from VAT commodities, works, services intended for carrying out works under these agreements. The payment documents, initial registration documents and invoices are drawn up without separating appropriate VAT amounts, with appropriate signature or stamp "Without VAT" being placed on the mentioned documents.

Letter of the Ministry of Taxes and Revenues of the Russian Federation No. VG-6-03/594@ of August 1, 2001 on the Application of Subitem 2 of Item 2 of Article 188 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation

Organizations selling transported (supplied) gas directly to end users avoiding gas distribution organizations - when they determine the taxable base for the excise duty tax for natural gas - should exclude the tariff rates for the services in gas transportation over distribution mainlines endorsed by the Federal Power Supply Commission of the Russian Federation from the cost of sold (transferred) products calculated from applied prices (however, not less than the state-regulated prices).

Letter of the Ministry of Taxes and Revenues of the Russian Federation No. 05-2-12/832-9027 of July 9, 2001 on the Uniform Social Tax (Contribution)

Calculated material benefit from employer payment for the cost of the meals of the employee engaged in the types of activities not switched over to the uniform imputed income tax and/or members of his family is subject to the uniform social tax with the employer regardless of the sources of payment for the meals.

Letter of the Ministry of Taxes and Revenues of the Russian Federation No. 14-3-04/1279-T890 of July 4, 2001 on the Responsibility of Independent Entrepreneur for the Failure to Submit the VAT Declaration

If an independent entrepreneur fails to present within specified time limits of 180 days or less the VAT declaration with the zero amount of payment, the taxpayer is subject to the minimum amount of fine of Rbl 100.
In case of presentation of the declaration upon expiry of the 180 day time limit with the zero tax amount not due for payment, the tax sanction is not applied, because it does not contain indication of the minimum amount of the fine.
Exempted from responsibility is the entrepreneur having failed to present declarations for January and February 2001 with receipts in March without the value added tax and the sales tax exceeding Rbl 1 million in case of presentation before April 20, 2001 of the declaration for the period from January through March and payment of the amounts of the tax in full amount.

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