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Legal information system for your company

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Legislation of Russia in English


Documents in two languages

Each document is accompanied by the original in Russian, as well information on changes, date and place of publication.

Easy work

System functions ensure a maximum convenience of work with the documents. The interface is easy and intuitive, you can easily find tools to fulfill the necessary tasks.

More than 37,000 documents

In GARANT System, you can find international treaties, codes of the Russian Federation, laws and numerous other normative acts from various areas of legislation.

Nothing unnecessary

Also you can buy only e-texts of those documents that you need. Select documents from list or indicate their requisites in the order form and send to our address.

Information updates

The updating occurs on a weekly basis and does not require the presence of the maintenance personnel or the system administrator.

Free location

GARANT System is available from any computer connected to the Internet. Updated legal information is always at your disposal.

Convenient interface

The main page of the Internet version includes only the most important things in the legislation, as well as an immediate access to the necessary information and tools.

Optimal set

Garant Company personnel can choose a GARANT System set permitting to solve all the tasks you encounter.

About us

Who We Are

The Company GARANT was formed in 1990. Originally specializing in providing legal information, Garant was a pioneer in this sector of the software market. In his day Ford gave the world an automobile for the masses. The company GARANT made available Russian law to all Russians.

What We Do

Our company is a leader in the Russian IT market. For more than 33 years we have supplied information on the Russian legislation both in English and Russian.The Russian Legislation in English database is the only way to get access to the Russian legislation translated into English with weekly updates.

Why Choose Us

A significant number of foreign companies in Russia enjoy using the GARANT databases, including the English language version. Among our customers are international organizations and NGOs, foreign banks and embassies, large audit, consulting and manufacturing companies, and so forth.

Our system

Purchase of documents in English

Step 1

Choose the necessary documents and click Order

Step 2

Fill in the form

Step 3

We shall contact you to report the cost and provide a link for payment

Meet the Team

Maxim Konstantinov

Head of Division

Anna Svistunova

Finance Manager

Evgeny Karpyuk

Service Manager

The GARANT system is distributed abroad by Commodity Capital Limited Company, GARANT EUROPE SAS, Switzeland Smart Input GmbH and via the network of Internet Securities, Inc.

If you are interested in obtaining access to information relating to the legislation of the Russian Federation we would be pleased to arrange this service for you wherever you are. It should be stressed that Internet capacity is widely used for getting an instantaneous on-line access to our database and receiving fresh updates.

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