Windfall tax for major companies to be introduced in Russia

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Daily Monitoring of the Legislation

Monitoring of the Federal Legislation dated 20.06.2017

Federal Law No. 124-FZ of June 18, 2017 envisaging that no grant of land plots with the basic type of permitted use allowing the construction of buildings on state and municipal lands is to take place in the areas where as of July 1, 2016 land management and development rules had not been endorsed, with this norm now made effective from December 31, 2017

Federal Law No. 121-FZ of June 18, 2017 envisaging that exempt from value added tax are the cultural valuables brought into Russia

Federal Law No. 127-FZ of June 18, 2017 further elaborating the system of archives in Russia, for instance incorporating municipal normative legal acts in the area regulated by the legislation on archives

Federal Law No. 123-FZ of June 18, 2017 modifying the rules concerning individual investment accounts

Federal Law No. 126-FZ of June 18, 2017 amending the Town-Planning Code of the Russian Federation in the matters of self-regulating building organisations

Federal Law No. 125-FZ of June 18, 2017 amending the Labour Code of the Russian Federation in as much as it concerns reduced working hours, overtime, days-off and holidays

Federal Constitutional Law No. 1-FKZ of June 18, 2017 amending Article 30 of the Federal Constitutional Law on the Referendum of the Russian Federation to bring it in line with the structure of the federal executive authorities

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