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Daily Monitoring of the Legislation

Monitoring of the Federal Legislation dated 31.10.2005

Decision of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 647 of October 27, 2005 on the Reimbursement to Judges, Officials of the Law Enforcement and Control Bodies or Members of Their Families of the Damage Incurred through Destruction or Impairment of Their Property Pertaining to Service Activities

Reimbursement applies to the damage incurred through destruction or impairment of the property owned by the official or member of his family associated with service activities in full amount including the lost profit.

The damage shall be reimbursed by paying out monetary resources or - if the official or member of his family agrees to it - in kind. The mentioned persons must confirm the proprietary status and composition of the destroyed or damaged property.

If there are several reasons serving as grounds for the reimbursement, such reimbursement applies to only one of them at the choice of the person having owned the property.

To solve the issues pertaining to the reimbursement, the head of the state body creates a commission and takes measures to provide for its activities. The time limit and procedure of processing of issues pertaining to reimbursement of the damage by the commission shall be defined in the regulation on the commission.

The state body having reimbursed the damage shall take measures to collect appropriate monetary and/or other resources from the persons having been recognised culpable.

The Decision is entered into force from January 1, 2006.

Decision of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 644 of October 27, 2005 on the Endorsement of the Regulation on the Distribution among the Users of Aquatic Biological Resources of Scientific Quotas, Quotas of Catching for the Purpose of Fishfarming, Reproduction and Acclimatisation of Aquatic Biological Resources and the Quotas of Catching for Educational and Cultural Enlightenment Purposes

The citizens and legal entities wishing to get the quotas shall submit according to the form specified by the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia a request to the Federal Fishing Agency to get the quotas for the catching for the purpose of fishfarming, reproduction and acclimatisation of aquatic biological resources, as well as for educational and cultural enlightenment purposes. The request is submitted before May 1 of the year preceding the year of catching, and for scientific quotas - before July 1 of the year preceding the catching.

The Decision lists the documents to be submitted to the Federal Fishing Agency together with the request. Submitted documents shall be processed by the Federal Fishing Agency within 2 months after which the applicant gets a statement of the possibility of allocation of the requested quotas.

Order of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 1789-r of October 25, 2005

Approves the concept of the administrative reform in the Russian Federation in the years 2006-2008. Defines the goals and tasks of the reform expressed, in particular, in the need to introduce the standards of state services, improve transparency of activities of the bodies of executive power and other.

In 2006, it is planned to introduce a mechanism of pre-trial appealing against actions and decisions of the bodies of executive power and officials on the part of the citizens and organisations, working out typical programs of the administrative reform for the federal bodies of executive power (ministries, services, agencies) and the bodies of executive power of the subjects of the Russian Federation.

In 2007, it is planed to introduce in the framework of the administrative reform the practice of anticorruption expert evaluation of draft laws, other normative legal acts, implementation of the program of administrative reforms in the subjects of the Russian Federation.

In 2008, it is planned to introduce the main standards of state services and administrative regulations. Besides, it is planned to finish elimination of excessive functions of the federal and regional bodies of executive power.

The Order provides the figures of achieving the goals of the administrative reform, which include in particular, assessment by the citizens of the activities of the bodies of executive power in the rendering of state services, level of business costs of overcoming administrative barriers, place of the Russian Federation in international ratings of the figures of quality of state management.

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