Russian assets confiscated in the United States will be compensated for by American assets located in Russia

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Daily Monitoring of the Legislation

Monitoring of the Federal Legislation dated 11.10.2006

Decision of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 604 of October 6, 2006 on the Endorsement of the Regulation on the Control of Fulfilment by the Authorised Bodies of Foreign States of Obligations of Use for Designated Purposes of Individual Types of Products of Military Destination Supplied by the Russian Federation <br>

Defines the procedure of actions of the federal bodies of executive power, Russian subjects of the military and technical cooperation in organisation together with organisations producing products of military destination of control of fulfilment by the authorised bodies of foreign states of obligations of use of individual types of products of military destination supplied from the Russian Federation.

The mentioned control is vested in the Ministry of Defence of Russia, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Federal Security Service of Russia, Foreign Intelligence Service of Russia and the Federal Service of Military and Technical Cooperation of Russia by monitoring the presence and use for designated purposes by the authorised bodies of foreign states of individual types of products.

Information Letter of the Central Bank of Russia No. 10 of September 29, 2006 "Summary of the Practice of Application of the Federal Law on the Combating of Legalisation (Laundering) of Incomes Obtained in a Criminal Way and Financing of Terrorism and the Acts of the Bank of Russia Adopted in Pursuance of It" <br>

Explains individual issues of application of the "anti-laundering" legislation in the purchase and sale of foreign currencies and introduction of qualification requirements to the special officials in charge of observation of the rules of internal control in the credit organisation.

The beginning of the operation of purchase or sale of foreign currencies in cash carried out by the natural person for the amount not greater than Rbl 15,000 or its currency equivalent, when the worker of the organisation carrying out operations with monetary resources or another property does not suspect that the given operation is carried out to legalise (launder) incomes obtained in a criminal way or to finance terrorism, is the handing over of the foreign currency in cash by the natural person to the cash worker of the exchange office.

The head of the structural division of the credit organisation that does not carry out bank operations directly who has a higher legal or economic education and experience of work in the mentioned position for more than one year shall meet the qualification requirements if the analysis of his official instructions and other internal documents of the credit organisation defining the sphere of reference of the given person and the functions of the structural division where the mentioned person works permits to qualify them as activities pertaining to bank operations.

Letter of the Central Bank of Russia No. 127-T of October 3, 2006 on the Rouble Equivalents of the Figures Envisaged in the Direction of the Bank of Russia No. 1346-U of December 1, 2003 <br>

In the IV quarter of 2006, the rouble equivalent of the registered capital for created banks, for operating credit organisations requesting the general license, as well as for non-bank credit organisations requesting the status of a bank, must make at least Rbl 170.142 million.

For created non-bank credit organisations, the minimum rouble equivalent of the registered capital makes at least Rbl 17,014.2 thousand.

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