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Daily Monitoring of the Legislation

Monitoring of the Federal Legislation dated 26.03.2002

Federal Law No. 31-FZ of March 21, 2002 on the Bringing of the Legislative Acts in Compliance with the Federal Law on the State Registration of Legal Entities

Pursuant to the entering into force from July 1, 2002 of the Federal Law No. 129-FZ of August 8, 2001 on the state registration of legal entities, changes all existing system of registration of the mentioned organizations. The normative acts specifying the particulars of state registration of individual types of legal entities are being brought in compliance with the mentioned Law.
Invalidates the Law on the enterprises and entrepreneurial activities. Amends the Laws on the trade and industry chambers in the Russian Federation, on the Central Bank of the Russian Federation (Bank of Russia), on the banks and banking activities, on public associations, on the state duties, on trade unions, their rights and guarantees of activities and other.
Also changes the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. The new provision is the one stating that the legal entity is considered to be created from the day of entering the appropriate record into the Uniform State Register of Legal Entities. Earlier, the legal entity was considered to be created from the day of its state registration. The state registration is arranged at the place of location of its permanently acting executive body, and in case of absence of it - other body or person empowered to act on behalf of the legal entity without proxy.
The Federal Law is entered into force from July 1, 2002. The text of the Federal Law is published in Rossiyskaya Gazeta on March 26, 2002, No. 53.

Decision of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 179 of March 23, 2002 on the Abrogation of and Amendments to Some of the Acts of the Government of the Russian Federation

Abandons the Decisions of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 1002 of August 13, 1997 on the additional measures to ensure full transfer of customs payments to the federal budget and No. 1463 of December 31, 1999 on the amendments to the Decision of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 966 of August 27, 1999 from the date of their issue.
Earlier, the Decision of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation No. GKPI 2000-1395 of January 23, 2001 has recognized the mentioned Decisions as invalid and not producing any legal consequences.

Regulation on the Procedure of Allocation of the Financial Resources of the Federal Fund of Obligatory Medical Insurance to Equalize the Financial Terms of Activities of the Territorial Funds of Obligatory Medical Insurance (Endorsed by the Federal Fund of Obligatory Medical Insurance on February 4, 2002, No. 2/04)

The equalization of the financial terms of activities of the territorial funds shall be arranged by providing subventions from the budget of the Fund on the free and unrecoverable basis for the tied expenses to finance the territorial programs of obligatory medical insurance. The subventions shall be allocated by the Fund on the basis of the request of the territorial fund. The request shall be subject to consideration only after submission of the report of the territorial fund on the tied nature of use of the resources of the previous subvention.
Registered in the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation on March 19, 2002. Reg. No. 3307.

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