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Daily Monitoring of the Legislation

Monitoring of the Federal Legislation dated 2.03.2005

Order of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation No. 21n of February 10, 2005 on the Endorsement of the Form of the Tax Declaration for the Uniform Social Tax for the Entities Making Payments to Natural Persons and Its Filling Instruction <br>

Endorses the form of the tax declaration for the uniform social tax for the entities making payments to natural persons (KND Form 1151046) and its filling Instruction.

The tax declaration for the uniform social tax for organisations, independent entrepreneurs, natural persons not recognised as independent entrepreneurs is submitted by the taxpayers to the territorial bodies of the Federal Tax Service of Russia no later than March 30 of the year following the expired tax period. Separate divisions of organisations with a separate balance, settlement account and making payments and other remuneration in favour of natural persons shall execute the duties of organisations to submit the declaration at their place of location.

Registered in the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation on February 24, 2005. Reg. No. 6358.

Order of the Federal Fund of Obligatory Medical Insurance No. 9 of February 2, 2005 on the Endorsement of the Procedure of Transfer to the Territorial Funds of Obligatory Medical Insurance of Resources to the Accounts of the Pharmacy Organisation in Case of Absence in the Subject of the Russian Federation of the Medical Insurance Organisation Providing the Citizens with Necessary Medicines <br>

Specifies the rules of transfer by the territorial fund of obligatory medical insurance of resources to the accounts of the pharmacy organisation possessing a license for the appropriate type of activities in additional supplies for individual categories of citizens entitled for the state social aid in the form of a set of social services of necessary medicines to doctor's (feldsher) prescription in case of absence in the subject of the Russian Federation of the medical insurance organisation providing the citizens with necessary medicines.

Registered in the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation on February 28, 2005. Reg. No. 6361.

Letter of the Central Bank of Russia No. 34-T of February 22, 2005 on the Procedure of Filling of the Form of the Simultaneous Investigation 0409404 "Information on Investments of the Authorised Banks and Their Resident Clients (Other Than Credit Organisations) in Securities Issued by Non-Residents As of January 1, 2005" <br>

For the purposes of filling of the form of the simultaneous investigation 0409404, securities issued at international financial markets by non-residents in the interests of the residents of the Russian Federation should be registered as securities issued by non-residents. The Letter provides a sample list of securities of such type indicating individual parameters.

Letter of the Central Bank of Russia No. 33-T of February 21, 2005 on the Procedure of Application of Individual Provisions of the Instruction of the Bank of Russia No. 109-I of January 14, 2004 on the Procedure of Adoption by the Bank of Russia of the Decision on the State Registration of Credit Organisations and Issue of the Licenses for Bank Operations <br>

To prepare the statement of compliance with the requirements of the Bank of Russia of the rooms of the credit organisation (its division) for operations with values in the absence of insurance of cash, compliance certificates must be presented for the equipment of the rooms for operations with values (including the protective one).

If the registered capital of the credit organisation is increased at the expense of its property, there is not need to obtain the preliminary consent of the Bank of Russia for the purchase of more than 20% of the stocks (shares) of the credit organisation.

If the credit organisation (its branch) opens an additional office (cash and credit office) permitted to provide cash services (in the absence of the storage room for values) on the basis of the closed cash department outside the cash centre of the same credit organisation (same branch), such office may begin cash servicing from the moment of notifying of the appropriate territorial institutions of the Bank of Russia of its opening.

Information Letter of the Central Bank of Russia No. 7 of February 21, 2005 "Summary of the Practice of Application of the Federal Law on the Combating of Legalisation (Laundering) of Incomes Obtained in a Criminal Way and Financing of Terrorism <br>

The credit organisation, when getting a payment order to transfer monetary resources to the recipient under a loan contract, if it wants to reveal an operation subject to obligatory control, may request from the legal entity (lender) the documents permitting to determine whether the carried out operation may be qualified as the one subject to obligatory control. Such documents include, in particular, the loan contract containing information on the terms of the granted loan.

The Letter explains that the day of revealing of the suspected operation is the day when the credit organisation adopts the final decision recognising the client operation as suspicious as a result of internal "anti-legalisation" control measures.

The account (deposit) may be opened in the credit organisation without the personal presence of the beneficiary natural person of the opened account (deposit) under the condition that the account is opened in the presence of the person opening the account (deposit) or his representative.

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