Russian assets confiscated in the United States will be compensated for by American assets located in Russia

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Daily Monitoring of the Legislation

Monitoring of the Federal Legislation dated 23.01.2008

Direction of the Central Bank of Russia No. 1965-U of January 22, 2008 on the Amendments to the Regulation of the Bank of Russia No. 222-P of April 1, 2003 on the Procedure for Natural Persons of the Russian Federation to Make Cashless Payments

Refines the procedure for the natural person to fill in the payment document to transfer monetary resources from the current account on the bank account of a legal entity or the current account of the natural person, as well as other accounts, including the accounts of the payer himself.

Direction of the Central Bank of Russia No. 1964-U of January 22, 2008 on the Amendments to the Regulation of the Bank of Russia No. 2-P of October 3, 2002 on Cashless Payments in the Russian Federation

Introduces appropriate amendments to the Regulation on cashless payments in the Russian Federation and description of the fields of some documents used in cashless payments.

Order of the Federal Customs Service No. 1497 of December 6, 2007 on the Endorsement of Obligatory Requirements to the Outfit, Equipment and Place of Location of Temporary Storage Warehouses

The requirements to the outfit, equipment and place of location of the temporary storage warehouses do not depend on whether the temporary storage warehouse is located in a building or on the open site.

Letter of the Federal Agency for Construction and the Housing and Communal Complex No. VB-5/02 of January 9, 2008 on the Prices for Design and Survey Works in Construction for the I Quarter of 2008

Provides induces of change of the cost of design and survey works in construction recommended for application in the I quarter of 2008.

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