Russian assets confiscated in the United States will be compensated for by American assets located in Russia

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Daily Monitoring of the Legislation

Monitoring of the Federal Legislation dated 8.06.2012

Federal Law No. 64-FZ of June 5, 2012 on the Amendments to the Agreement Establishing the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development Approved by Resolutions of the Board of Governors No. 137 of September 30, 2011 and No. 138 of September 30, 2011

Russia supports bank's activities in the Mediterranean.

Federal Law No. 61-FZ of June 5, 2012 on the Amendment to Article 26 of the Federal Law on the State Registration of Rights for Immovable Property and Transactions with It

Parts of subsoil resources cannot be leased.

Federal Law No. 60-FZ of June 5, 2012 on the Declaration of the Russian Federation on the Protocol to the Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment on Matters Specific to Aircraft Equipment

Participants of transactions can choose the right of the country to regulate their relations.

Federal Law No. 59-FZ of June 5, 2012 on the Ratification of the Treaty on Partnership Relations between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Chile

Ratifies the treaty signed on November 13, 2010 in Yokohama.

Federal Law No. 56-FZ of June 5, 2012 on the Ratification of the Maritime Labour Convention of 2006

Ratifies the above convention.

Federal Law No. 50-FZ of June 5, 2012 on the Regulation of Activities of Russian Citizens and Legal Entities in the Antarctic

Activities in the Antarctic can be carried out only in the presence of financial guarantees of reimbursement of possible damage.

Letter of the Federal Tax Service No. YeD-4-3/9126@ of June 4, 2012 on the Procedure for Filling the Tax Declaration for the Value Added Tax

Adjusts the above procedure pursuant to adoption of amendments to the Tax Code of the Russian Federation.

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