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Daily Monitoring of the Legislation

Monitoring of the Federal Legislation dated 20.06.2012

Decision of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 586 of June 13, 2012 on Endorsing the Regulations for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation to Register the Organisations Sending Russian Federation Citizens to Destinations outside of the Russian Federation

Russian citizens sent abroad by legal entities may file travel passport applications through these entities, and in this case documents are prepared by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia. Such organisations are to register with that ministry and hold a relevant certificate that is issued for one-year term and may be re-issued. Unless an organisation submits appropriate documents or provides reliable information on its constitutive documents, no registration is granted thereto.
The decision supersedes earlier provisions concerning the issue.

Decision of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 583 of June 13, 2012 on the Procedure for Keeping Record of Foreign Economic Transactions for Export Control Purposes

A new procedure is established for keeping record of foreign economic transactions.
From August 1, 2011 participants in foreign economic activities shall keep record of foreign economic transactions involving only the goods, information, works, services and the results of intellectual activities (rights in respect thereof) which can be used in the creation of weapons and military equipment or terrorist activities. Accordingly, a list of pertaining goods, works and services is established.
A participant in such transactions is to keep records for at least three years and provide access thereto to the Federal Service for Technical and Export Control.

Decision of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 581 of June 13, 2012 on Licensing the Development, Manufacturing, Testing, Installation, Assembly, Maintenance, Repair, Disposing and Sale of Weapons and Military Equipment

A new licensing procedure is established for activities involving weapons and military equipment in keeping with the new Law on Licensing. It does not extend to R&D relating to the development of weapons and military equipment. The licensor is the Federal Service for Defence Orders. A set of licensing criteria and a list of required documents are provided.
The decision supersedes earlier provisions concerning this kind of licensing.

Order of the Financial Markets Service No. 12-26/pz-n of April 19, 2012 on the Bonds of Business Associations Which May Be Contributed into the Contributed Capital of a Business Partnership

Under the law on business partnerships securities cannot be contributed into the contributed capital of such legal entities, save the bonds of business associations designated by the empowered executive governmental body in charge of financial market matters. Bonds of business associations may be contributed into the contributed capital before maturity and they have to meet at least one of the following criteria: be included in a list of the securities cleared for trading on a stock market or another organiser of trade on the securities market; the face value thereof together with the face value of other floated and traded bonds does not exceed the sum of the business association's charter capital; the performance of the liabilities relating to the bonds is secured with mortgage, surety, banker's, state or municipal guarantee.
Effective from July 1, 2012.

Information Letter of the Federal Tax Service of June 18, 2012 on the Data Required for Calculating Mining Tax on Oil for the Month of May 2012

From January 1 through December 31, 2012 the rate of mining tax on oil is 446 roubles per ton of produced water-free salt-free stabilised oil. It is multiplied by the coefficients characterising world oil price variation (Kts), the degree of depletion of a specific sub-soil tract (Kv) and the amount of reserves (Kz).
For the month of May 2012 the data used in mining tax calculation is provided. With the average level of prices for Urals oil on the Mediterranean and Rotterdam oil markets of $108.89 per barrel and the average exchange rate of the US dollar to the rouble of 30.6620 the value of Kts is determined as 11.0301. The values of Kv and Kz are assessed at the taxpayer's discretion.
Thus, due to the fall of oil prices the rate of mining tax on oil has fallen as compared with the previous tax period.
The data used for the purposes of mining tax calculation for the month of April 2012 is available in the Letter of the Federal Tax Service of May 17, 2012.

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