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Daily Monitoring of the Legislation

Monitoring of the Federal Legislation dated 5.08.2004

Decision of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 392 of July 30, 2004 on the Procedure and Terms of Payment for the Dwelling and Communal Services by Citizens

Endorses the rules of payment for the dwelling and communal services by citizens. The payment for the dwelling by tenants under the contract of leasing, social leasing of the dwelling space qualified as state or municipal dwelling funds, as well as by owners of the dwelling space in multi-apartment houses where they do not have owner associations includes the payment for the building maintenance, repair and leasing.

The Decision lists the types of payment included in the mentioned groups. Defines the procedure of payment for the dwelling and communal services within the limits of the social norm and in excess of the social norm of the dwelling space and additional dwelling space granted to citizens because of the health condition and within the normatives of consumption of communal services.

Amounts of payment are determined as a product of the appropriate price for the total area of the dwelling space. For the citizens living in communal flats and separate rooms in hostels, the amount of payment is determined as a product of the appropriate price for the area of the occupied dwelling space, and for several citizens living in a single room - according to the procedure specified by the owner of the hostel.

Amount of payment for the communal services is determined as a product of tariff rates for the appropriate communal services and the volumes of consumption of resources (water, gas, electric and thermal power etc.) according to the gauge readings. If there are no gauges, the volume of consumption of communal services is assumed to be equal to the normatives of consumption specified by the bodies of state power of the cities of federal significance of Moscow and St.Petersburg, bodies of local government.

The payment for the dwelling and communal services is transferred on the monthly basis no later than the 10th of the month following the expired one if otherwise is not specified in the legislation of the Russian Federation or concluded contracts.

The Decision lists the types of works pertaining to current repair of the common property of the dwelling homes and covered at the expense of the payment for the repair of the dwelling space.

The rules do not apply to the procedure, time limits and rules of calculation of the amounts of payment for the dwelling by citizens living in the dwelling space in the multi-apartment houses where there are partnerships of the owners of the dwelling space, housing or housing-and-construction cooperatives and other associations of owners, by tenants of the dwelling space owned by natural persons and legal entities, as well as by citizens using the dwelling space under a legacy abatement, lease contract, life endowment contract or a contract of free use of the dwelling space.

Order of the State Customs Committee of the Russian Federation No. 737 of June 28, 2004 on the Use of the Temporary Electronic Cargo Customs Declarations

Specifies the particulars of carrying out of the customs operations by the Central Power Supply Customs Station for oil, oil products and natural gas when information in the temporary cargo customs declaration is declared in the electronic form.

Registered in the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation on August 2, 2004. Reg. No. 5955.

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