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Daily Monitoring of the Legislation

Monitoring of the Federal Legislation dated 19.08.2004

Decision of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 413 of August 16, 2004 on the Migration Card

Specifies the procedure of use of the migration card by a foreign citizen or stateless person on the territory of the Russian Federation.

From January 1, 2005 introduces the new type of the migration card. Migration cards issued before January 1, 2005 preserve their force together with the new type migration cards and do not need to be exchanged.

Order of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation No. 64n of August 2, 2004 on the Amounts of the Daily Subsistence and the Limiting Norms of Reimbursement of Lodging Expenses for Short-Term Business Trips on the Territories of Foreign Countries

From January 1, 2005 fixes the new amounts of the daily subsistence and the limiting norms of reimbursement of the lodging expenses for short-term business trips on the territories of foreign countries.

Registered in the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation on August 17, 2004. Reg. No. 5981.

Direction of the Central Bank of Russia No. 1481-U of July 27, 2004 on the Amendments to the Direction of the Bank of Russia No. 1376-U of January 16, 2004 on the List, Forms and Procedure of Drawing up and Submission of the Reports of Credit Organisations to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation

Introduces reporting forms No. 0409070 "Information on the Use of Internet Technologies by the Credit Organisations", 0409110 "Deciphering of Individual Balance Accounts and the Symbols of the Report of Profits and Losses for the Purposes of the Accounting Balance Report (Published Form), Report of Profits and Losses (Published Form) and the Estimate of Figures Used to Assess the Financial Stability of Credit Organisations", 0409159 "Information of Observation by Credit Organisations Issuing Bonds with Mortgage Coverage of the Requirements of the Mortgage Coverage of the Bonds", 0409639 "Certificate of Internal Control in the Credit Organisation", 0409806 "Accounting Balance Report (Published Form)", 0409807 "Report of Profits and Losses (Published Form)", 0409808 "Report of Sufficiency of Capital, Amount of Reserves for Doubtful Loans and Other Assets", 0409812 "Information on the Composition of the Bank (Consolidated) Group, Level of Sufficiency of Own Resources and Amount of Built Reserves for Doubtful Loa ns and Other Assets".

Endorses the new wordings of the reporting forms No. 0409115 "Information on the Quality of Loans, Debts in Loans and Other Similar Debts", 0409135 "Information on Obligatory Normatives", 0409302 "Information on Credits and Debts in Credits Granted to Borrowers of Various Regions and Amount of Attracted Deposits", 0409402 "Information on Payments between Residents and Non-Residents for the Works, Services, Results of Intellectual Activities and Non-Trading Operations", 0409405 "Information on Payments in Operations with Securities between Residents and Non-Residents", 0409407 "Information on Money Transfers of Natural Persons from the Russian Federation and to the Russian Federation to Natural Persons", 0409801 "Report of the Composition of the Bank (Consolidated) Group", 0409802 "Consolidated Balance Report", 0409803 "Consolidated Report of Profits and Losses", 0409804 "Report of the Open Foreign Exchange Positions of the Bank (Consolidated) Group as of the End of the Operative Day", 0409805 "Estimate of Own Resources (Net Assets) and Obligatory Normatives of the Bank (Consolidated) Group".

Amends other reporting forms and their drawing up and submission procedures.

The Direction is entered into force and shall apply when the credit organisations draw up and submit reporting forms and other information envisaged in Appendix 2 to the Direction of the Bank of Russia No. 1376-U of January 16, 2004 on the list, forms and procedure of drawing up and submission of the forms of reports of credit organisations to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation from September 1, 2004 except for individual provisions.

Registered in the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation on August 12, 2004. Reg. No. 5970.

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