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Daily Monitoring of the Legislation

Monitoring of the Federal Legislation dated 28.07.2005

Decision of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 443 of July 23, 2005 on Endorsing the Rules for Drawing Out a List of Data Constituting State Secrets

The draft list shall be drawn up, and the activities of state power bodies concerning the preparation of proposals in respect of the inclusion of data in the draft list, shall be coordinated by the Interdepartmental Commission for the Protection of State Secrets. The draft list shall specify the state power bodies vested with the authority to dispose of the data contained in the list. The draft list shall be introduced by the Interdepartmental Commission to the Government of the Russian Federation.

Decision of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 440 of July 16, 2005 on the Procedure for Keeping the Register of Expense Obligations of the Russian Federation

The Register shall be kept for the purpose of registration of expense obligations of the State and estimation of the amount of the federal budget funds and off-budget funds required for discharge thereof. A procedure for keeping the Register is endorsed. The regulations on drawing up by the Ministry of Finance of Russia the preliminary and specified register and on registration of expense obligations that are not included into the register, as well as the procedure for submission of the preliminary and planned registers by a state off-budget fund, shall enter into force as of January 1, 2006.

Order of the Federal Guard Service of the Russian Federation No. 233 of June 15, 2005 on Obligatory State Insurance of Life and Health of the Military Servicemen of the Federal State Guard Bodies and of the Citizens Called Up for Military Refresher Training

The life and health of the military servicemen of the federal state guard bodies carrying out their military service on a contractual basis, including those attached to state power bodies, other ministries, departments, enterprises and organisations, of the military servicemen drafted for military service, as well as of the citizens called up for military refresher training at these bodies, shall be subject to obligatory state insurance. If the death of physical disability are caused by the severe injury (a wound, trauma or contusion) or illness received when carrying out military service or in the course of military refresher training, the said persons shall be deemed insured within one year after their discharge from military service or from termination of military refresher training.

Insurance payments under obligatory state insurance shall not be made to the military servicemen elected deputies of state power bodies of the Russian Federation, of the subjects of the Russian Federation and of local self-government bodies.

If an insured accident happens, insurance payments shall be made to the insured person or, in the event of his perish (death), to the beneficiaries under obligatory state insurance. The rate of insurance payments shall be estimated on the basis of monthly salaries of these military servicemen.

The Order is registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation on July 25, 2005 under Registration No. 6826.

Letter of the Federal Customs Service No. 14-14/20697 of June 1, 2005 on Some Issues of Application of Instructions No. 117-I of June 15, 2004

The certificates of transactions, attested solely by the signature of the responsible person of the authorised bank, where a resident draws up or re-draws up the certificate of a transaction, and by the imprint of the bank's stamp without the signature and stamp of the resident in connection with the submission by the resident to the authorised bank of the certificate of the transaction for its drawing up in the electronic form, must be accepted by the customs authorities when effecting the customs registration of commodities.

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