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Daily Monitoring of the Legislation

Monitoring of the Federal Legislation dated 3.08.2006

Order of the Federal Antimonopoly Service No. 108 of April 25, 2006 on Endorsing the Procedure for Analysing and Assessing the State of Competitive Environment in a Commodity Market

The procedure is elaborated for the purpose of implementing the Law of the RSFSR on Competition and Limitation of Monopolistic Activities in Commodity Markets and it is intended for being used in the cases requiring an analysis and assessment of the state of competitive environment in a commodity market or the position of economic entities therein, for instance when cases are considered because the features of an offence exist like an abuse by an economic entity of its dominating position in the market or coordinated actions of economic entities that limit competition; when the state monitors the formation and re-organisation of commercial and non-commercial organisations, the observance of the antimonopoly legislation in cases when shares (stakes) are acquired in the charter capitals of commercial organisations and in other cases; when prescriptions are issued for enforced division (separation) of commercial organisations and non-commercial ones pursuing entrepreneurial activities; when the Register of the Economic Entities Accounting for a Share of over 35% in a Commodity Market is maintained.The procedure defined "analysis and assessment phases", the methods used in each of the phases, and the sources of initial information.From the entry into force of this Order the procedure previously in effect is not applicable, except for the provisions concerning the analysis of the market potential of an economic entity.Registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation, registration No. 8121 of July 27, 2006.

Order of the Federal Service for Technical and Export Control No. 222 of July 7, 2006 on Endorsing the Forms of Documents Used by the Federal Service for Technical and Export Control in the Licensing of the Activity of Technical Protection of Classified Information and the Activity of Elaborating and/or Manufacturing Classified Information Protection Facilities

The following has been confirmed: the forms of documents used by the Federal Service for Technical and Export Control in the licensing of the activity of technical protection of classified information and the activity of elaborating and/or manufacturing classified information protection facilities. They include a licence application, licence prolongation application, application for an excerpt from the register of licences and other documents. Registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation, registration No. 8114 of July 27, 2006.

Order of the Federal Service on Financial Markets No. 06-70/pz-n of June 27, 2006 on Amending the Procedure for Licensing Types of Professional Activity in the Securities Market Endorsed by Order of the Federal Service on Financial Markets No. 05-3/pz-n of March 16, 2005

The list of the documents required for licensing purposes has been supplemented with copies of documents confirming the compliance of the contender's employees responsible for internal control for the purpose of countering money laundering and the financing of terrorism with qualification standards.An addendum has been made concerning the requirements applicable to documents filed. Thus, if only copies of balance sheets and statements of profits and losses are filed for the last year of operation of founders (legal entities having ten per cent and more of the charter capital) of a contender for a licence these documents are attested to by the signature of the head and also of the person responsible for the bookkeeping of the contender's founders being legal entities.A copy of a report of the controller of the contender for a licence is filed only for the full last quarter of operation as a professional participant in the securities market (before it was to be also provided for the last full year of operation).Relevant amendments are made to licensing terms and conditions.Another ground is added for taking a decision on annulling a licence, i.e. the non-submission to the licensor within the term specified in a prescription of documents confirming the elimination of the irregularities deemed ground for suspending the licence and/or confirming the taking of measures for prevention of irregularities in the future.Amendments have been made to the form "Breakdown of Data on Borrowed Funds and Receivables" (Annex No. 3 to Licensing Procedure). Registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation, registration No. 8112 of July 27, 2006.

Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation No. 69 of March 27, 2006 on the Details of Working Hours and Leisure Hours of the Educational Staff and Other Employees of Educational Institutions

The Regulations regulate the working hours and leisure hours of employees of educational institutions with due regard to the details of operation of educational institutions of various types and kinds, and designate the types of work carried out by educational staff within their working hours. Time rates (hours) are established only for teaching work. Other types of educational work (scientific-research, methodological, organisational, educational-tutorial, sporting-health rehabilitation) is carried out over the working hours and are not specified in terms of number of hours.The Regulations define working hours during the academic year, vacation period and a period without classes for sanitary-epidemiological, climatic and other reasons. The details are established of regulation of employees' working hours in health-rehabilitation educational institutions and in educational institutions which leave cities for summer houses and/or organise summer-time recreation in the same or another area, and also during hiking, excursions, expeditions and other trips. Working hours are regulated for the teaching staff of higher professional education institutions and supplementary professional education (upgrading) institutions for specialists, educationalists-psychologists and tutors of pre-school education institutions.Specific working hours and leisure hours are established by the in-house employee rules of an educational institution, by work timetables and a collective agreement elaborated in keeping with applicable legislation of the Russian Federation. While compiling timetables for educational and other personnel one is not to allow breaks in working hours which are not relating to rest and meals (gaps) except for boarding educational institutions (boarding schools, children's homes, the boarding houses attached to educational institutions) where tutorial and teaching activities are interlaced over the day within the established hours. In such institutions for the tutors who carry out educational work in groups of school-age pupils working hours may be established as split into portions with a break of two or more hours in a row, with a relevant compensation being provided for this inconvenience in the procedure and at the rates set out in the collective agreement.Since for educational staff who work continuously over the day no meal break is established the employer must provide them with an opportunity for taking their meals during working hours simultaneously with students, pupils or separately on premises specifically intended for the purpose.Registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation, registration No. 8110 of July 26, 2006.

Letter of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation No. 03-05-02-03/23 of June 9, 2006

An explanation is provided for the details of filling in a tax return for the purposes of uniform social tax by the taxpayers whose tax period in 2006 expires before the expiry of the calendar Year 2006 (in case of liquidation, re-organisation etc.).The explanations are sent because according to Federal Law No. 158-FZ of December 6, 2005 from January 1, 2006 the 0.3-percentage point reduction occurred in the rate of uniform social tax entered in the Federal Social Insurance Fund, and the 0.3-percentage point rise occurred in the rate of tax entered in the Fund of Obligatory Medical Insurance. However, these changes have not yet been reflected in Order of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation No. 19n of January 31, 2006 on Endorsing the Form of Tax Return for the Purposes of Uniform Social Tax for the Taxpayers Paying Out to Natural Persons, and the Procedure for Filling It In.

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