Russian assets confiscated in the United States will be compensated for by American assets located in Russia

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Daily Monitoring of the Legislation

Monitoring of the Federal Legislation dated 30.03.2009

Decision of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 256 of March 26, 2009 on the Endorsement of the Rates of Export Customs Duties for Raw Oil and Individual Categories of Commodities of Oil Exported from the Territory of the Russian Federation outside the Member-States of the Customs Union Agreements

Reduces the above rates because of the drop of world prices for oil.

Direction of the Central Bank of Russia No. 2195-U of March 6, 2009 on the Amendments to the Instruction of the Bank of Russia No. 110-I of January 16, 2004 on the Obligatory Normatives of Banks

Amends the method of calculation of obligatory normatives of banks.

Order of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation No. 91 of February 24, 2009 on the Endorsement of the Form and Procedure of Registration of the Fire Safety Declaration

The fire safety declaration is worked out on the obligatory basis for objects of capital construction requiring the state expert evaluation, buildings of kindergartens, nursery homes for the elderly, hospitals, hostels of educational institutions.

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