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Monitoring of the Federal Legislation dated 25.10.2002

Decision of the European Courts of Human Rights (Third Section) "Case "Kalashnikov versus the Russian Federation" (Complaint No. 47095/991)" (Strasbourg, July 15, 2002)

This Decision is a final judgement in the case "Valeriy Kalashnikov versus the Russian Federation". Let us remind you that ex-president of the North-Eastern joint stock bank V.Ye. Kalashnikov (charged with the appropriation of monetary funds) was the first Russian citizen whose case was taken over by the European court for consideration on its merits. In July 15, 2002 the Court admitted that in case of Kalashnikov the violation was made of provisions of three Articles of the European Convention on the Protection of Human Rights, viz.: Articles 3 banning tortures and inhumane treatment (appeal was made against the unsatisfactory conditions of detention in the pretrial detention facility), Article 5 (Part 3) declaring the right of citizens to have judicial proceedings within a reasonable time period or a release pending trial (Kalashnikov spent more than 4 (four) years in the pretrial detention facility) and Article 6 guaranteeing the right to a fair trial.
Under the Decision, the Russian Federation is obligated to pay out to citizen Kalashnikov Euro 8(eight) thousand (out of which Euro 5000 as a compensation for the moral damage and Euro 3000 as a compensation for judicial costs).

Decree of the President of the Russian Federation No. 1209 of October 21, 2002 On Bringing the Acts of the RSFSR President and the President of the Russian Federation Into Line With Federal law No. 129-FZ of August 8, 2001 On the State Registration of Legal Entities

In view of the entry into effect as from July 1, 2002 of the Federal law On the State Registration of Legal Entities it makes amendments to several acts of the RSFSR President and the President of the Russian Federation. Besides, some acts are declared to be invalid.
The law shall take effect as from July 1, 2002.

Decision of The Government of the Russian Federation No. 768 of October 23, 2002 On the Alteration of Time-Limits For Filing an Application For the Right To Restructure the Debts of Some Legal Entities

The restructuring of credit indebtedness of key providers and providers of the governmental defense order in respect of taxes and fees and also of accrued penalties and fines vis-a-vis the federal budget shall effected through a gradual repayment of debts accrued as on January 1, 2002 - in case of filing an application prior to November 1, 2002.
Earlier, the application was to be filed by the said entities prior to April 1, 2002.

Decision of the State Construction Committee of the Russian Federation No. 123 of September 17, 2002 On the Adoption of Building Norms and Regulations of the Russian Federation "Labor Safety In Construction. Part 2. Building Industry"

It introduces as from January 1, 2003 Building Norms and Regulations 12-04-2002 applicable to the execution of civil engineering and special-purpose construction operations involved in the new construction, expansion, reconstruction, technological re-tooling, overhauls of buildings and structures.
It declares to be invalid in the territory of the Russian Federation as from January 1, 2003 Decision of the USSR State Construction Committee No. 82 of June 9, 1980 in so far as it concerns Sections 8-18 of the Building Norms and Regulations III-4-80* "Safety Engineering in Construction" and also several Gosts incorporated as part of the system of labor safety standards (SSBT).
Registered with the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation in October 18, 2002. Registration No. 3880.

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