Windfall tax for major companies to be introduced in Russia

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Monitoring of the Federal Legislation dated 7.09.2004

Decision of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 451 of September 3, 2004 On the Rate of the Import Customs Duty For "Homogenized" or "Reconditioned" Tobacco

As from September 11, 2004 the rate of the import customs duty for "homogenized" or "reconditioned" tobacco (code 2403 91 0000 under Commodity Classification of Foreign Economic Activity of the Russian Federation) fixed at 10 per cent of the customs value shall be applied on a permanent basis.

Information Letter of the Presidium of the Higher Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation No. 81 of August 13, 2004

It offers an overview of practice of application by arbitration courts of the Code of Merchant Shipping of the Russian Federation. It spells out that the sea port administration may not answer for the losses inflicted as a result of non-provision for safe mooring of the vessel, unless the applicant has proved the presence of a link of cause and effect between those losses and inaction of the administration.
The relationships of the parties arising out of the contract of towing, in the absence of an agreement between the parties on the law to be applied shall be regulated by the law of the state which is the principal site of activity of the party that is the owner of the towing vessel.
The arrest of a sea vessel, that is any detention of the vessel or restriction on its movement while it is located within the limits of jurisdiction of the Russian Federation, may be carried out by the court in the recourse to enforcement or preliminary enforcement measures only under maritime claim the availability of which must be justified by the person applying for arrest of the vessel.

Letter of The Department of Tax and Customs-Tariff Policy of the Ministry of Finance of Russia No. 03-02-05/5/9 of June 17, 2004 On Accounting of Costs In Selling A Share in the Charter Capital of Limited Liability Company

The costs in selling by a participant in the limited liability company a share of the stock capital to any third persons may, for purposes of taxation, be only the costs involved in handling the transaction ( costs of making out documents, etc.).

Letter of The Department of Indirect Taxes of the Ministry of Taxation of the Russian Federation No. 03-1-08/819/16 of March 24, 2004 On the Procedure For Determining Taxable Base For the Value Added Tax

When determining a taxable base for purposes of assessing an amount of value added tax on carried out construction and erection work, for internal purposes, the value of the contract work presented to the customer by contractors' organizations shall be disregarded.

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