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Monitoring of the Federal Legislation dated 5.09.2008

Decision of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 650 of September 1, 2008 on Amending the Rules for Paying to Participants in the Accumulation Mortgage System of Providing Housing to Military Servicemen and Family Members Thereof Monetary Funds Supplementing Savings for Providing Housing to Them

This document adjusts the procedure for paying to participants in the accumulation mortgage system of providing housing to military servicemen and family members thereof monetary funds supplementing savings for providing housing to them.
Thus, to receive supplementary payments it is not necessary for the said persons to have the status of persons in need for improvement of housing conditions. The military service record of a participant in the accumulation mortgage system is also of no importance now if he/she has been dismissed from military service because of poor health (if a medical commission has found him/her unfit for military service). Earlier such persons' military service record had to be from 10 to 20 years, this being a mandatory requirement. The following documents have been added to the previous list thereof to be submitted for receiving the cited payments: an extract from the Comprehensive State Register of Rights to Immovable Property and Transactions Therewith, an extract from the house register and a copy of the financial personal account received at the place of residence.
An application for making supplementary payments shall be filed by a participant before he/she is deleted from the muster-roll of the military unit, while a family member thereof shall do it after deleting a participant from the said list in connection with his/her loss of life or death, declaring him/her missing or dead. With this, an applicant shall be held liable for the reliability of the data cited in the application (in annexes thereto). The federal bodies where there is military service shall report on the decision adopted in respect of making the said payments on a monthly basis (before the 10th day of a month) to the federal body, which provides for functioning of the accumulation mortgage system of providing housing to military servicemen, in the way coordinated with it.

Order of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 1272-r of September 1, 2008

The programme of federal property privatization for 2009 is approved by this order and the basic guidelines for privatization of the said property in 2010 and 2011 are defined therein.
In 2009-2011 the establishment of integrated systems on the basis of joint-stock companies whose stocks are owned by the Russian Federation will be prolonged. Within this time period, stocks of joint-stock companies established as a result of converting federal state unitary enterprises into join-stock companies will be offered for sale, except for those of strategic joint-stock companies and joint-stock companies participating in forming integrated structures.
It is planned to privatize in 2009 235 federal state unitary enterprises, including enterprises of the agroindustrial complex (17), those pertaining to road facilities (147), construction sector (1), geological ones (50), communication ones (5) etc. Furthermore, the following will be offered for sale: parcels of shares whose amount does not exceed 50% of the authorised capital (with some exceptions); parcels of shares of joint-stock companies pertaining to the fuel and energy complex, construction and agroindustrial complexes, chemical, petrochemical and printing industries, geology, waterborne transport and machine-building industry (except for strategic joint-stock companies); property pertaining to the state treasury of the Russian Federation which does not ensure the exercise of the state functions.
It is also planned to privatize 3 shares in the authorised capital of limited liability companies and 18 immovable property items.
It is expected that the federal budget will be gaining 12 milliard roubles every year as a result of privatization.

Order of the Federal Customs Service No. 104 of August 15, 2008 on Amending Order of the Federal Tax Service of Russia No. 1665 of December 29, 2007

This order establishes the specifics of customs clearance of commodities in compliance with the customs treatment of supplies transfer declared by way of filing the cargo customs declaration. The declaration shall be filed with the customs body which is authorised to accept the cargo customs declaration and in whose area of activities the customs border checkpoint of the Russian Federation is located. The cargo customs declaration shall be filled in according to the general rules, except for the columns concerning the consigner, consignee, number of pieces, country of destination, mode of transport, currency of transaction etc. Thus, in Column 2 "Consigner/Exporter" shall be cited data on the person which undertakes to supply (export) commodities from the customs territory of the Russian Federation; in Column 6 "Total of Pieces" in respect of commodities pertaining to Group 2710 of the CC FEA of Russia (oil and oil products made of bituminous rock, except for raw one) placed under the customs treatment of sup plies transfer and loaded onto a transport vehicle with standard containers for supplies storage, zero shall be entered thereto. In other cases, the total number of cargo packages corresponding to the commodities to be declared shall be specified. A procedure for storage and loading of the said commodities is established.
When moving commodities under the customs treatment of supplies transfer an appropriate application may be used as a temporary customs declaration. It shall contain data on the customs authority whereto commodities are declared, on the transport vehicle to which commodities will be loaded, loading date, time period for filing the completed cardo declaration etc. All the data cited in the application shall be proved by documents. The application is subject to registration in the register of applications for placing commodities under the customs treatment of supplies transfer.
After all necessary checkups a note "Release Permitted" shall be made in the application. The decision on moving commodities under the customs treatment of supplies transfer shall be rendered by the customs authority within 24 hours. The customs authority shall likewise issue the loading permit. After completion of the customs treatment the customs authority on the back of the application shall be made notes concerning the actual quantity of exported supplies.
The order shall enter into effect upon the expiry of 90 days as of the date when it is officially published. It is registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation on September 2, 2008 under registration No. 12204

Order of the Ministry of Public Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation No. 194n of April 24, 2008 on Approving Medical Criteria for Assessing the Gravity of Harm Inflicted upon Human Health

The gravity of harm inflicted upon human health shall be assessed on the basis of qualification indicia and medical criteria while carrying out a forensic medical examination in the course of civil, administrative and criminal court proceedings. Medical criteria shall be used for assessing injuries detected in the course of a forensic medical examination of a living person's face, examination of a corpse and parts thereof, as well as when carrying out forensic medical examinations on the basis of materials of a case-file and medical documents.
As medical criteria for qualification indicia in respect of grave harm inflicted upon human health shall be deemed, for instance, harm caused to health which is dangerous for human life (major injuries of important organs or loss thereof) and full professional disablement, in respect of medium-gravity harm caused to health - temporary disablement, prolonged impairment of health; in respect of minor harm caused to health - a short-term impairment of health. Surface injuries, in particular frets, sores, soft tissue bruises and other injuries which do not cause a short-term impairment of healt or a minor prolonged general disablement shall be regarded as injuries that have not caused harm to human health.
To assess the degree of gravity of harm caused to human health it is sufficient to have one medical criterion available, but if, for instance, multiple injuries mutually aggravate each other, the degree of harm gravity caused to human health shall be assessed on the basis of the totality thereof. If it is not possible to assess the essence of harm caused to human health, the result of inflicted harm is unclear, required medical documents are not available or a person has not appeared for a forensic medical expert examination, the degree of gravity of harm caused to human health shall not be assessed.
The Table of Percentage of Prolonged General Disablement as a Result of Various Traumas, Poisoning and Other Externally Caused Consequences is given therein which is also used in forensic assessment of the degree of gravity of harm inflicted upon human health on the basis of the qualification indicia and medical criterion of prolonged general disability.
The Order is registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation on August 13, 2008 under registration No. 12118

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