Russian assets confiscated in the United States will be compensated for by American assets located in Russia

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Daily Monitoring of the Legislation

Monitoring of the Federal Legislation dated 25.07.2023

Federal Law No. 327-FZ of July 24, 2023 on amending the Law of the Russian Federation on the Exportation and Importation of Cultural Valuables and the Federal Law on the Museum Fund of the Russian Federation and Museums in the Russian Federation - A state information system in the area of preserving cultural values will be created in Russia

Decision of the Board of Directors of the Bank of Russia of July 21, 2023 on the levels of credit ratings established in accordance with Instructions of the Bank of Russia No. 199-I of November 29, 2019 and Instructions of the Bank of Russia No. 183-I of December 6, 2017 - The rules for the formation of identifiers of state contracts have been supplemented

Information of the Bank of Russia of July 21, 2023 "Statement of the Bank of Russia on Operations in the Foreign Exchange Market Related to the Investment of Funds of the National Wealth Fund in Permitted Financial Assets Denominated in Roubles"

Order of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation No. 96n of June 21, 2023 on amending the procedure for the formation of an identifier of state control, a contract (agreement) in the case of treasury support of funds

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