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Daily Monitoring of the Legislation

Monitoring of the Federal Legislation dated 25.09.2001

Order of the Ministry of Taxes and Revenues of the Russian Federation No. BG-3-21/292 of August 20, 2001 on the Amendments to the Instruction of the State Tax Service of Russia No. 33 of June 8, 1995 on the Procedure of Calculation and Payment to the Budg

Introduces from January 1, 2002 Amendments No. 6 to the Instruction of the State Tax Service of Russia No. 33 of June 8, 1995 on the procedure of calculation and payment to the budget of the property tax for enterprises. Endorses the forms of calculation of the property tax for enterprises at the place of location of the organization and its separate division. The forms provide for the calculation of the cost of the property, including the one purchased on beneficial terms, as well as provide other information and estimates. The Order specifies that the mentioned estimates of the tax and the average annual cost of the property for the reported period are presented by the enterprises to the tax bodies at the place of location of both the organization and its separate divisions.
Accounts reflecting the taxable base in the assets part of the balance sheet proceeding from the cost of fixed assets, non-material assets, stocks and expenses are being brought in compliance with the new Chart of Accounts.

Information Letter of the Central Bank of Russia No. 2 on the Issues of Application of the Instruction of the Bank of Russia and the State Customs Committee of Russia No. 91-I and 01-11/28644 of October 4, 2000 on the Procedure of Currency Control over th

The explanation reflects the issues pertaining to the determination of the date of importation of the imported commodities to the customs territory of the Russian Federation, importer duty to present to his bank a copy of the cargo customs declaration for commodities cleared earlier by presenting a photocopy of the certificate of the import deal to the customs body and other.
The Letter explains, in particular, opportunities of effecting payments for the imported commodities from the account of the resident third party not being the importer in the presence of the appropriate permission of the Bank of Russia.

Letter of the Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation No. 02-18/06-5386 of July 27, 2001 on the Registration of Insurer Expenses

Explains the procedure of registration in accounting work and reports of amounts of expenses made by the insurers paying insurance contributions and the uniform social tax and not taken into account as a result of the checks.
The procedure of registration of excluded amounts in the estimate sheet of the resources of the Social Insurance Fund varies depending on whether the excluded expenses were made before or after January 1, 2001.
If the amounts of such expenses made by the insurer are transferred to the accounts of executive bodies of the Fund other than through accounts of the federal treasury bodies, the given transfers are returned to the payer as "received erroneously". Subsequently, these amounts are to be transferred through accounts of the federal treasury bodies.

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