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Daily Monitoring of the Legislation

Monitoring of the Federal Legislation dated 29.08.2002

Decree of the President of the Russian Federation No. 916 of August 27, 2002 on the Increase of Stipends of the President of the Russian Federation to Students and Postgraduates of Institutions of the Higher Professional Education

Beginning with September 1, 2002, the stipends of the President of the Russian Federation for students and postgraduates of institutions of higher professional education with outstanding achievements in studies and scientific research are fixed to amount to Rbl 800 per month for students and Rbl 1,500 per month for postgraduates.
The Decree is entered into force from the day of its official publication.

Decision of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 633 of August 27, 2002 on the Typical Rules of Trusteeship Control of the Open-Type Shared Investment Fund

The typical rules of trusteeship control of the open-type shared investment fund (hereinafter, SIF) define the terms of trusteeship control of this type of shared investment funds. They contain the list of information necessary for entry in the investment declaration of the fund, which include the goals of investment policies of the managing company, objects of investment activities, their composition and description, structure of the assets of the funds, as well as description of risks pertaining to investment activities.
The typical rules also define the rights and duties of the managing company operating the fund and the rights of owners of investment shares. They specify that the property forming the fund is the common property of the founders of trusteeship control - the owners of investment shares and is owned by them as common shared property. Division of the property forming the fund and separation of a share in kind are not permitted. The owners of investment shares of an open-type SIF bear the risk of losses pertaining to the change of the market cost of the property forming the fund.
The rules define the terms of termination of activities of the fund. In particular, if at the end of the time of the forming of the fund, the cost of the property appeared to be less than the one permitting to form the fund, the contract of trusteeship control of the fund with all owners of investment shares is terminated.

Order of the State Customs Committee of the Russian Federation No. 859 of August 8, 2002 on the Places of Delivery and Customs Registration of Commodities Imported by the Railway Transport to Moscow the Moscow Province

Lists railway stations being the places of location of the customs stations clearing commodities originating in China and imported by the railway transport, including the mixed cargo, to recipients in Moscow and the Moscow Province.
Provisions of the Order do not apply to commodities imported:
for diplomatic representations of foreign states;
by natural persons for other than commercial purposes;
in international postal dispatches;
by specialized transportation and forwarding organizations;
to carry out exhibitions and placed under the temporary import customs regime.
Registered in the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation on August 23, 2002. Reg. No. 3726.

Letter of the Ministry for Antimonopoly Policy of the Russian Federation of August 16, 2002 on the Changing of Tariff Rates for the Services of the Local Telephone Communication

Changes the tariff rates for the services of the local telephone communication for 35 subjects of natural monopolies in the sphere of communication. User payment for the telephone for the population in increased by Rbl 10 to Rbl 15 on the average and, as an exception for individual regions, by Rbl 20. The average increase of tariff rates for the services of the local telephone communication is 8% to 20% depending on the basic tariff level.
The rates for the international telephone traffic have not changed.

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