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Daily Monitoring of the Legislation

Monitoring of the Federal Legislation dated 12.09.2002

Order of the State Customs Committee of the Russian Federation No. 922 of August 30, 2002 on the Endorsement of the Register of Banks and Other Organizations Acting As Guarantors to Customs Bodies

Endorses the new list of banks and insurance organizations whose guarantees are accepted by the customs bodies to secure customs payments.

Letter of the Ministry of Labour of the Russian Federation, Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation No. 6088-GK/02-08/05-2283P of September 9, 2002 on the Lumpsum Allowance at Child Birth

Explains the issues of lumpsum allowance paid out at child birth to independent entrepreneurs, lawyers (notaries) and other self-employed persons.
Beginning with January 1, 2001, contributions to the state non-budgetary funds, including the Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation, are paid out within the uniform social tax. Independent entrepreneurs (lawyers, notaries) are not being the payers of this tax in the amount transferred to the Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation. However, according to the Federal Law No. 81-FZ of May 19, 1995 on state allowances to citizens with children, the right for the lumpsum allowance at child birth is bestowed on one of the parents or his replacing person regardless of whether or not he works.
Thus, the mentioned persons cannot get the lumpsum allowance at child birth according to the procedure specified in the normative acts on obligatory social insurance for persons working under labour contacts, i.e. at the place of work at the expense of the uniform social tax.
Therefore, in cases when both of the parents are being independent entrepreneurs or one of them is not working and the other is being an independent entrepreneur, the above allowance is paid out by the bodies of social protection to the population at the place of residence of one of the parents where the child lives - at the expense of resources of the Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation. The similar procedure is used to pay out the lumpsum allowance at child birth to lawyers, notaries and other self-employed persons.

Letter of the State Customs Committee of the Russian Federation No. 01-06/31556 of August 6, 2002 on Some Issues of Application of the Order of the State Customs Committee of Russia No. 186 of February 26, 2002

Explains some issues of customs clearance of some material media exported from the Russian Federation by participants of foreign trade activities registered in Moscow and the Moscow Province.
In particular, temporarily exported material media (for demonstration at exhibitions, fairs, international meetings and other) may be cleared in the customs bodies at the place of location of legal entities exporting the mentioned commodities.
Periodicals, as well as commercial consignments (prints or parts of prints) of books, diskettes, audio cassettes, compact disks, video cassettes being a product ready for sale at consumer market are not being the object of regulation of the Order.

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