Russian assets confiscated in the United States will be compensated for by American assets located in Russia

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Daily Monitoring of the Legislation

Monitoring of the Federal Legislation dated 12.04.2007

Decision of the Chief State Sanitary Physician of the Russian Federation No. 8 of March 6, 2007 on the Enhancing of Enforcement of Production and Circulation of Nutrient Additives

There are about 6,000 nutrient additives in circulation on the territory of the Russian Federation at present forming a source of nutrients and biologically active components, vitamins and micronutrients.
      Registered in the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation on April 9, 2007. Reg. No. 9267.

Order of the Federal Tax Service No. MM-3-06/106@ of March 6, 2007 on the Endorsement of the Forms of Documents Used by Tax Bodies in the Course of Implementation of Their Authority in Relations Regulated by the Legislation on Taxes and Fees

Endorses the forms of the following documents used by the tax bodies in the course of implementation of the tax control: decision on suspension of the on-site tax check, decision on the renewal of the on-site tax check, act of failure to provide access to officials of the tax body carrying out the check to the territory or rooms of the checked entity, decision of the prolongation or refusal to prolong the deadline for submission of documents, decision of postponement of the processing of materials of the tax check because of the absence of persons necessary for their processing.
      Registered in the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation on April 5, 2007. Reg. No. 9259.

Order of the Federal Customs Service No. 430 of April 4, 2007 on the Endorsement of the Register of Banks and Other Credit Organisations

Endorses a new register of banks and other credit organisations whose bank guarantees are accepted as a security for the customs payments collected by the tax bodies, as well as observation of the requirements of the customs legislation of the Russian Federation.

Letter of the Central Bank of Russia No. 43-T of April 5, 2007 on the Registration of Subsidies and Resources Provided in 2007 from the Budget of the Federal Fund of Obligatory Medical Insurance to the Territorial Funds of Obligatory Medical Insurance and Public Health Institutions for Additional Medical Examinations of Citizens and Initial Medical and Sanitary Aid

The subsidies provided in 2007 from the budget of the Federal Fund of Obligatory Medical Insurance to the territorial funds of obligatory medical insurance for additional medical examinations of citizens and initial medical and sanitary aid are registered on separate accounts with the sign "01" in the 15th and 16th digits of the number of the account opened in 2006 on the balance accounts 40403 and 40404 respectively.

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